In this hour we get acquainted with handbalancing in a variety of positions. Classes may focus on handstands (exits, shapes, balancing, form), L sit variations, lever variations etc. Classes are divided into level 1 and level 2 to guarantee quality for both beginners and more advanced athletes.


  Pilates is a method that focuses mainly on strengthening the core muscles while simultaneously working the whole body. It aims at aligning the spine, improving posture and balance and conscious breathing since the latter is one of the basic principles of Pilates. It consists of exercises performed with precision and control using body weight or using …

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Yoga consists of physical exercises,  breathing and relaxation techniques. The specific course has the element of flow. It is a kind of slow Vinyasa, which means one position follows the other. It improves flexibility, strength, balance and concentration. Suitable for all levels.


At the program calisthenics bars/rings we get acquainted with the bars, the rings and the parallel bars. It is the most effective way to strengthen your grip as well as the whole upper body. Goal of the training is to perform  static, dynamic and free style exercises (lever, muscle ups, freestyle, combinations )


It is a training that combines calisthenics’ elements and consists of dynamic and acrobatic exercises on the high bar, the rings and the parallel bars. It is suitable for children in order to give them the advantage of strength which is a solid and necessary base in sports.

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