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Calisthenics has its roots in ancient Greece where it was taught as an exercise method in school, in the army and for the preparation of the athletes getting ready for the Olympic games. In our days it is considered the most timeless training method with the most benefits. Calisthenics is a training system based on the use of the body weight. It includes the use of accessories of gymnastics and exercises influenced by acrobatics. It contributes to the improvement of the neuromuscular junction, the proprioception (sense of the posture of parts of the body), skillfulness and strength. It also contributes to the proper functionality and mobility of the body. It’s goal is absolute control the body, it requires concentration, discipline and mental strength. Therefore calisthenics combines the outer and the inner strength. As it is based on the principle of progressiveness (which means the gradual increase of the intensity and the force the body endures), it is an easily adaptable and accesible training for everybody regardless level and age.


It is a training that combines calisthenics’ elements and consists of dynamic and acrobatic exercises on the high bar, the rings and the parallel bars. It is suitable for children in order to give them the advantage of strength which is a solid and necessary base in sports.


In calisthenics power/street workout we use the weight of our body as a means of external resistance against gravity with the main goal to increase muscle strength and growth. With the appropriate guidance from our coaches you will gain muscle mass and develop a well shaped body.


At the program calisthenics bars/rings we get acquainted with the bars, the rings and the parallel bars. It is the most effective way to strengthen your grip as well as the whole upper body. Goal of the training is to perform  static, dynamic and free style exercises (lever, muscle ups, freestyle, combinations )


Yoga consists of physical exercises,  breathing and relaxation techniques. The specific course has the element of flow. It is a kind of slow Vinyasa, which means one position follows the other. It improves flexibility, strength, balance and concentration. Suitable for all levels.


At this program  the athletes will develop their flexibility throughout the whole body, which helps to prevent injuries as well as to achieve acrobatic exercises where flexibility is essential.


At the program cardio/aerobic we use various training systems (circuit training, cross training, tabata etc.) in order to improve the cardiovascular system and in general your physical fitness.


The program legs and glutes is designed to strengthen the lower body, to improve strength, neuromuscular junctions, balance and stabilization and build muscle mass.


Goal of gymnastics is to learn the technique of ground acrobatic exercises with modern equipment (air-track, mattresses, acrobatic belts etc.) in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable workout. Drills and movements on the horizontal bar and the gymnastics rings are also a part of this workout.  It is a training with your body weight, focused on the strengthening of the torso and improvement of flexibility. The specific training is a multifaceted and comprehensive training due to the complexity of the exercises, suitable for all ages.


  Pilates is a method that focuses mainly on strengthening the core muscles while simultaneously working the whole body. It aims at aligning the spine, improving posture and balance and conscious breathing since the latter is one of the basic principles of Pilates. It consists of exercises performed with precision and control using body weight or using equipment. Regular practice of the method can also improve a person's mobility and flexibility thus offering them a better quality of life in general.  


In this hour we get acquainted with handbalancing in a variety of positions. Classes may focus on handstands (exits, shapes, balancing, form), L sit variations, lever variations etc. Classes are divided into level 1 and level 2 to guarantee quality for both beginners and more advanced athletes.


This class includes floor acrobatics and flip drills as well as many other aerial movements based on gymnastics and parkour. It takes place on modern equipment (AirTrack, mattresses, acrobatic belts etc.) in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable workout.

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